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    Cargo - Delivery on your doorstep

    Our network stretches around the Globe, which makes us the best for cargo needs. If your requirement is airport-to-airport, port-to-port, door-to-door or any combination, we will make the arrangements, the possibilities are infinity.  No matter the size, type and frequency of your cargo, we have a service that fits your needs.


    Our air freight services include:

    *            Full charter

    *            Part charter

    *            On-board courier

    *            Consolidation


    Standard sea freight services

    Sea freight is the slowest method of transport, but if time is not a factor for you then a ship wins every time:

    *            Full container load

    *            Less than container load

    *            Non-containerized load


    Competitive rates

    With our experience and service, we can offer you competitive rates, frequent departures and the capacity you need - from and to any major port in the globe.


    You can trust us and we deliver.


    For inquiry and more informations , please contact us .